This Guy Who Tried To Break Into A Car Full Of Cops Is The Evil Kenevil Of Crime

Fox News A Florida man chose the wrong vehicle to try to break into.Surveillance video appeared to capture 49-year-old Stephen Titlan going from car to car along a residential block in Tampa earlier this month. Seven times he was stymied as the doors were locked.The next day, Titland – who was already on felony probation for a burglary and criminal mischief conviction – had more success when he found an unlocked door.The vehicle, however, was not empty.It was an unmarked Pasco Sheriff’s Office vehicle and was occupied with several members of the sheriff’s office’s Strategic Targeted Area Response Team.Analysts positively identified Titland as the same man from the attempted burglaries the night before, authorities said.The Pasco Sheriff’s Office shared a still from surveillance video Thursday on Facebook and identified Titland as the suspect.TItland was charged with seven attempted burglaries.

Gotta respect this guys thirst for thrills. Life was to easy being a felon on probation who was still in the game of committing crime. Anyone could burglarize a vehicle that isn’t full of cops. But it takes the ultimate m̶o̶r̶o̶n̶ adrenaline seeker to see that car full of cops and take a Most Dangerous Game approach and say to yourself that you can steal it. It’s that kind of not letting people say you can’t mantra that has led to so many great things like I-Phones and all day breakfast at McDonalds. You don’t see people at the X-Games simply doing bunny hops do you? No, you see quadruple back flips while they’re on fire. That’s what this guy is. A man who’s looking to change the game who’s also going back to prison.

I would love to of been in that car while this guy tried get inside with all the cops in there. They probably saw him going to all the cars, getting rejected by everyone just praying that he comes to their car. Like an early Christmas present, this dude tries their car stuffed with police. A bigger laugh could not of been had in all of Florida when they had 20 guns drawn on him and they said “may we help you?” The man in question should of said that he was looking for his car and can’t remember what it looks due to doing bath salts. I feel like bath salts are still happening down there so it would of scanned. Better than saying that you’re a thief and are just trying to steal a car. That excuse never goes over well. Lesson learned


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