Know How I Know You’re Getting Fired? You Start Talking About Groundhog Day Then Start Talking About How Weather Works Out Of Nowhere

I’ve never been fired before. I’ve quit Pizza Hut once because I wouldn’t come into work because I had to watch a Dolphin’s game and quit before they could fire me. But if I was going to get fired, I’d like to think I wouldn’t start equating my life to the movie Groundhog Day and then go on a tangent about how weather works. That is exactly how Colts coach Chuck Pagano doesn’t operate.

I gotta say, Chuck looks looser than he’s ever have. Good for him. He knows his time in Indianapolis is coming to a close. Like there’s less than a -20 chance that he returns as the head coach of the Colts next year so he’s just out there saying whatever comes to his head. He probably was told by Irsay that as soon as the season is over that he’s gone so he might as well have a good time with it. Who knows, maybe Irsay gave him some of his special medicine to take the edge off.

No idea where Chuck was going with the whole 3rd quarter talk followed by talking about a Nor’easter. Is a Nor’easter approaching the east coast any time soon? I’m from Pennsylvania and the answer is definitely not. I know it’s probably best to have all the context of what someone is saying before trying to analyze a soundbite, but the image I want of Chuck’s last few weeks in the league is a Peter Gibbons way of life where he just comes and goes when he pleases and meets with the Bobs to discuss a raise. I think Chuck would tell you that too. In fact, he’ll probably say that tomorrow.


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