Cool Teacher Uses “Trust The Process” Gif To Motivate Students

Hats off to this cool teacher for thinking outside the box and finding a really interesting way to motivate his students to help them not get so frustrated doing their math tests.

As a fellow teacher, I love seeing others do things that many may not feel will be a benefit in the teaching world. I can already other hear teachers in this guys building or parents of the children say that this gif up on the board will only distract their child to the point that they will not be able focus on their test. To that I say, give kids more credit than that. Kids can do amazing things if you get out of the way and not believe that every little thing that occurs is going to throw them off track of what they’re supposed to be doing. Believe it or not, kids can do multiple things at once like take a test while a fantastic, soundless Joel Embiid gif is playing on a board in the front of the room. It’s a fun thing to have that actually has a solid message to it and if your students are responding positively to it, don’t get in the way of that and run with it. Math can be a pretty brutal subject to get across to many students so if this puts their minds at ease even a little bit during an exam, let it ride. It’s teachers like Nick Sebesta that should be writing curriculum for students in this country not a bunch of administrators that have never taught a class in their lives. Trust The Process could be a whole new curriculum that can sweep the nation that could get kids back to learning the necessary procedures for realistic math while being in a good about doing it. Beats the heck out of common core.

I wish I had something like this when I was taking a math test. Math is a skill like juggling that I never and to this day still don’t have the firmest grip on. Decimals, fractions can get outta here but if I had a looping gif of any of these moments playing while I was testing, I guarantee I’d be a math wizard today



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