Drunk Dude Cooks Own Food At Waffle House Because Cook Was Sleeping

Waffle House is going to Waffle House. This probably happens all the time at Waffle House, it’s just not widely reported. Of course people working there are going to fall asleep, it’s just better when they do it in the back instead right out in the open. That’s just good protocol to sleep where the public can’t see you.

And before they this all went viral, the waffle house and this guy could in no way tell the police because both are sort of in the wrong. You can’t have folks walking back and making their own food at a restaurant because God forbid someone’s goes back and lights themselves on fire, that would a problem. But you also can’t have employees sleeping out in the open either. So it’s like that joke that Affleck tells in Good Will Hunting about his uncle that stole the cop car and had it in his garage. The cop came but couldn’t do anything because if he did he’d be admitting that he’s an idiot. That’s how I see this situation playing out before it went viral. Now everyone loves this guy and the employee gets suspended. Shame

As for this guy, well we’ve all been there. We’ve all had a few or a million late into the night and needed our comfort food before bed but not many of us have went to the restaurant and made the food ourselves. So good for this guy for showing the initiative to get what he wanted.

My number 1 late night food after a night of drinking will always be the Fat Dough Boy from Are You Hungry at Penn State. Everything you ever wanted in a sandwich is in this sandwich. Cheese steak, mozzarella sticks, fries, chicken tenders, bacon, ketchup and mayo was as good a combination as this world has ever seen.



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