Confirmed: Losing To Iowa By 31 Is Not Good

Live look at Nick Saban following the announcement that Alabama will be in the college playoff

Turns out losing to Iowa by 31 points in November will not help your chances of getting into the college football playoff. Ohio State went out and beat undefeated Wisconsin last night while Alabama didn’t play anybody because they lost last week to Auburn by 12. I really didn’t think OSU were going to get in partially due to Penn State being left out in the nearly the same exact circumstances that OSU finds themselves in this year with being the BIG 10 Champs while having 2 losses, partially due to Alabama being Alabama and the past matters. As much as they say it doesn’t, the committee, from what I’m told are actual human beings have memories and know that Alabama is a force that have been in the college playoff every year it has existed. Eventually, that will not be the case but it will happen when Bama loses at least lost 2 games. But the main reason OSU were left out was because thy got demolished by Iowa only a month ago. That should be an automatic disqualification. Nothing you can do can erase that. If they only lost by like 4, they probably get in but it was 31. I know some folks are out there saying that Alabama played some weak competition a few weeks ago, but every team schedules games like that every year. Has no impact on anything especially when you have the reputation that Alabama has.

Should be a fantastic playoff when it starts in about a year. If it was anything like the anticipation that I had all day waiting to watch the selection show, than it will be out of sight. Hopefully, Urban Meyer complains and cries a river so that can jump start the 8 team playoff narrative. 8 teams is a can’t miss solution to this that will undoubtedly have the 9th team in the country crying a river of their own.


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