Gronk Should Be Suspended But He’s Still One Of My Guys

Frustration boiled over for Gronk today. From what I gather, because I was watching the Dolphins beat obliterate a team that’s even worse than them, several pass interference penalty calls weren’t called on Buffalo especially on Gronk and well he kind of lost his cool.

Really bad move by here by Gronk. It’s understandable that you get mad at the refs for making bad calls throughout a game. No problem with that. But take your frustrations out on them. Punt the ball into the stands or grab one of their flags and through it to the crowd like Marcus Peters did today. Do any of that and no one besides Belichick will get in your grill about it. But to run down a guy who’s on the ground, who has no idea you’re coming and throw a haymaker to him allegedly giving him a concussion is bush league. Gronk quickly came out and apologized after the game

I still don’t like how he’s blaming the officials still after he clubbed a guy who got away with holding and pass interference. I’m sure Patriot players have gotten away with pass interference and holding penalties in the past that didn’t result in someone running up from behind and punching them in the head. Seems like some deflecting at its finest. He should of just apologized to the Tre’Davious White like he did and went on his way. You can rest assure that Belichick will deal with Gronk in house but Gronk should also be suspended for their next game. Can’t have guys going rogue and seeking folks out to punch them in the head when they don’t know it’s coming. Mike Evans was suspended a game for his seek and destroy attempt on the Saints so Gronk should get the same. I realize this his first time doing anything like this but this was pretty egregious.

This all being said, Gronk is still one of my guys. He’s one of my guys because he’s so genuine. Nothing he does, to me at least, seems like an act like so many athletes out there. The fact that the stuff that he does is typically hilarious makes him even better to root for. Now if he goes down a road where he turns heal, grows a goatee and starts head hunting guys on the reg like he’s Vontez Burfict then I will turn my back on him. But I don’t foresee that happening. I’m hoping he gets the 1 game suspension, goes to the bar to think about what he’s done, comes back and goes out there and does what he usually does. Let everything go back to normal.


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