If I’m Eli Manning I’d Hate That I Have To Start Again For The Giants

Ben McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese have been predictably relieved of their command. Actually, I thought they would get the rest of the year until they would get fired. I didn’t think losing all the games they did, losing control of the locker room and then benching the prodigal son Eli Manning for to get a look at Geno Smith and possibly Davis Webb were going to get Benny and Jerry fired before the year is out. But when you have a bunch of ex-players planning on wearing Eli jerseys at an upcoming alumni game against Dallas, that will get you canned. The prestigious Maras can take a lot but having Greg Commella standing there in an Eli Jersey is something they can’t live with.

But what to do with Eli? As I’m sure you’re well aware of already, Eli has been named the starter going forward.

If I’m Eli, I’m annoyed by this. A week ago he got taken out of the lineup, a lineup that he’s been in since 2004, won a few super bowls and have pretty much been able to call his shot in New York. Pretty awesome run for a guy whose thrown about a million INTs. He had a rough year this year but much of that can be attributed to losing every single receiver he had in the preseason, a defense that wasn’t as good as they were, a running game that is the opposite of a barely functional running game and a coach that got stuffed in a locker seemingly every day by players on the team. Also, he’s 36 and I don’t think he’s been living inside one of those hyperbaric chambers that let you never age like Tom Brady or Apocalypse does, so his body is beat up. His consecutive start streak is history so no need to worry about that. So getting thrust back into the lineup when he thought he had it easy the rest of the year would suck, if I was Eli. Don’t give me this oh he’s a competitor he wants to be out there because competing is what these guys live for. News Flash: none of these guys would play this game for free like Jon Gruden would have you believe. Taking it easy the rest of the year sounded great to Eli and now that has been taken away from him. I’m sure he knows he’s done with the Giants because if you think McAdoo and Reese were the only ones behind his benching, well you’re just an idiot. The wonderful Maras are looking to move on and I can’t say I blame them. I wouldn’t of taken him out during the year but I certainly would be moving on form Eli in the off season. Draft someone young and start over. Eli will probably head down to Jacksonville or the Broncos or maybe even the Steelers after Big Ben hangs them up, something Eli should really consider doing because he doesn’t have much to prove besides proving that he could still make tons of money, which is really cool and something I would never begrudge someone to play sports for. Just think Eli had visions of coasting into January where he would be heading to some Island and drinking beers and dancing with Senoritas. That’s how I envision Eli spending his off seasons and I like thinking that.


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