Phile Ivey Sort Of A Good Poker Player Once Mucked A Hand Worth $2.1Million In The WSOP That He Would Of Won

This happened in the World Series Of Poker from 2009 but for whatever reason it’s getting play today. Is it 8 years ago? Sure. But I just found this in my news feed and I couldn’t believe it, until I ran it back it a few times.

This is just a wild thing to witness and I think I know why Phil Ivey, one of the greatest card players that ever set at a table, mucked a winning flush in the WSOP that would have added $2.1 million in chips. But, lets set the table first. Ivey had pocket 8s one of them a spade in his hand and Smith had a very Mike McD ace/9 offsuit. There was some raising and calling back and forth and on the river an ace of spades hit giving Smith a pair of aces while giving Ivey a flush. It was only a 1 card flush, not as powerfully feeling compared to holding 2 spades in his hand but still, not the worst thing. Understandable that Ivey didn’t have a great feeling about it, but they both checked and Smith said he had an ace meaning that he paired his ace and Ivey mucked meaning he folded his hand into the rest of the discard cards even though he had a flush thus losing the hand and not gaining $2.1 million in chips, chips that could of helped Ivey in the tournament. He ended finishing 7th which earned $1.4 million in real money.

What I think happened here is when Smith said ace and flipped over his cards he showed that he had a 9 of clubs and Ivey say that and somehow in his brain he thought it was a spade which would give him a better flush than Ivey’s flush with his 8 of spades. That or Ivey didn’t realize that there were 4 spades out there. I suppose that’s possible but I can’t believe that Ivey, who’s so sharp and in tune to what’s going on wouldn’t know he just made a flush. I can’t and won’t believe that even if he says that’s exactly what happened. Ivey has won 10 World Series bracelets and have won millions of dollars playing poker. The guy has seen probably a trillion hands(I can easily be convinced that he’s seen a trillion hands in his life. Is that over shooting?) so it’s not that crazy to think that he took his eye off the ball for a brief moment. Just wild to see it actually happen.


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