Confirmed: Mike Mitchell Does Not Like How Football Is Officiated

In case you ever were wondering where Mike Mitchell stood in regards to how the game of professional football is officiated, this should clear all that up. Just a guy whose had enough and is tired of all this. Tired of trying to do his job the way he’s been taught only to have a receiver come across the middle, go for a ball and then in less than a second duck. When that happens Mitchell and others end up hitting guys in the head when he was trying to hit the guy in the gut. Mitchell is all primed up due to the blood bath that occurred on Monday night in regards to one hit in particular with Bengals safety George Lloka’s blowing up his teammate Antonio Brown.

Mitchel then fired this out

It must be so hard for defensive players in the secondary to play their position. How could you? You literally can’t do anything to stop the other team from catching a football besides being in perfect position every single time. A receiver doesn’t need to be perfect. Plenty of catches happen off a tip ball or some kind of juggling catch situation. But if a defender and receiver are jockeying for position on a ball and a flag is thrown, a million times out a million the flag goes on the defender. It’s frustrating as a fan to watch until it benefits your team. But even when Miami gets a flag to go their way I say man we got away with one. I’ll take it. It’s understanding that the league wants to get these hits out of the game because they’re tired of getting sued by former players whose brains have been transformed into tapioca but the product is without question tougher to watch with all the flags. Like Mitchell said, he signed up to play fast and to hit hard. That’s what football is. It’s a dangerous game where hitting is part of the draw. The league is running out of ways to make a game that’s predicated on collisions safe because it’s an impossibility of that happening. Keep teaching kids the proper ways to tackle and regulate the hits on defenders that are truly defenseless. I know that’s hard to do but you can’t hand out flags and fines because it looked bad. And that was what happened on the hit on Brown. It was a hit that would easily of made the Jacked Up list but now is illegal. Tough for defenders to adjust. I understand his frustration but there’s nothing he can really do about it. There’s no going backwards with this. It will only get worse especially if they bring in the college targeting rule which was mentioned today. Football will truly be an even different game in only a few years.

Also, I love how he found a way to destroy Andy Dalton one more time. Beating them on Monday down 17-3 wasn’t enough. Rough week for Andy. He didn’t need this today.

PS- Mitchell is probably not to thrilled about this. Best to let him do his own thing tonight


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