Cool Teacher Says His Calc Class Can Get 1 Extra Point On Their Final For Every 500 Retweets Internet Responds With 58,152 Retweets

Fox News LAKEWOOD, Ohio– A local high school student had no idea his plan to get bonus points on his calculus exam would get so much attention.We’re guessing his teacher didn’t either.Brandon Riley, a senior at St. Edward High School, asked his teacher at the beginning of class how many retweets it would take to not have a final exam. Mr. Corcoran was reluctant, but agreed to give the class one bonus point for every 500 retweets.Riley and Corcoran shook hands, then the student took his case to Twitter.He asked everyone from LeBron James to Ellen DeGeneres for help. Riley, a mellophone player for the Bluecoats, got a boost from the youth music organization.He also got a retweet from WWE wrestler and St. Ed’s graduate Dolph Ziggler, who has more than 2 million followers.In less than 24 hours, the initial post received more than 35,000 retweets. That’s 70 bonus points for the class.“I honestly did not think that we would get this many retweets,” Riley said. “It’s crazy.”

Kudos to Mr. Corcoran for being a cool teacher and giving into his classes requests of having them gain extra points on heir final in Calculus final but like he said, he never thought this would get anywhere near this big. Unlike that girl who said she would pay an amount of money to St. Judes if she got a certain number of retweets and now has to pay something like 100,000 and obviously doesn’t have that kind of money and now is trying to back out of it sighting she didn’t expect her tweet to get that big, this retweet bet has a cheerful ending. Based on the 58,152 retweets, the class will be getting an extra 116 points on their test, which is great because now they can skip that class and take it easy for the next chapter. When you get a 116 on a test without picking up a pencil, you can slack off a bit for the next chapter. It’s an ace in the hole that every student dreams of.

This teacher seems like he has a good rapport with his students and that’s way important in getting the most out of your students. It’s something I do everyday with my classes. Let your class know you aren’t a mindless,soulless robot and give some personality and you’d be amazed at what you can get out of your students. Hope this teacher gets some real nice Dunkin gift cards from his students this holiday season. I also hope that Mr. Corcoran never underestimates the power of the internet. The internet is like up there with Gods like Poseidon an Ares in terms of getting stuff done. Never take him/her lightly.

And you couldn’t pick a better class to score a 116 on test than calculus. I really can’t even tell you what happens in there. Never took it. I took geometry and I think that has something to do with angles. I was always an algebra man. Nothing gets my engine going than isolating some variables and combining like terms.


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