DeAngelo Williams Whips Out The Old You Never Played Card On Two Guys From The NFL Network

Skip to around 7:20 in the video for where DeAngelo takes the gloves off

I’m just wondering did the NFL Network have any idea this type of analysis was coming or was the guy whose job it is to map this kind of stuff out get suspended as well? Annnnd hit snare drum and symbol. Now that that’s out of the way, current r̶e̶t̶i̶r̶e̶d̶  not officially retired running back DeAngelo Williams stopped by and was exactly what I wrote about earlier this morning about Marcus Mariota and Russell Wilson and that’s that he was genuine. That’s the way I like my players but let it be said that by being genuine you’re opening yourself up to being ridiculed a bit harder than players who play it safe. He wasn’t giving canned answers to both of these unsuspecting non-suspended(dang) fellas. Of course DeAngelo used the one strategy that any athlete uses against people that argue against them about sports and that’s that they played the game and we or you didn’t. Now one of those guys played running back at Princeton and DeAngelo completely took a wet dump all over that notion that that matters at all. DeAngelo is right that playing at Princeton is not the same as playing in the NFL. Anyone with a brain understands that. But the guy who said that using the I played and you didn’t therefore you can’t even come close to being correct about sports is as low as low hanging fruit as it gets. I’d be curious to know if these guys agreed with DeAngelo and said the Steelers should be favored over New England would DeAngelo say that they have no idea what they’re talking about because they didn’t play or would he pleased that they think like him? Pretty sure that would be the last thing he would do. Things are cool unless you tell DeAngelo he’s wrong if you didn’t play. Notice how Nasty Nate Burelson didn’t get bum rushed from Williams when he gave all the pure facts that the other guys gave when Williams tried going in on him. Burelson played so it’s all good even though you could tell DeAngelo wanted to go after the fact Nasty Nate was drafted in the 3rd round where Williams was drafted in the 1st.

My thing is, I’m 31 years old and never played high school football let alone college ball. I’ve watched every single Miami Dolphin’s game since I was 6 and with all that, can often be correct in predicting how they’re going to play. I’ve been wrong before sure but I’ve also been dead right. How can that be if I never put a helmet on? I must be the a football savant or something. That, or it’ not crazy difficult to predict football games especially when there’s a spread. It’s a 50/50 guess and there’s countless stats to give credence to your prediction. That’s why Rob Riggle can guess as many games right as Michael Strahan or whoever else is on the FOX morning pre-football show. Here’s a prediction and a bold one: Cleveland will probably lose tomorrow against the Ravens. I really don’t think I’m going out on a limb with that. But I never played so how could I come to that conclusion you ask? Because I have eyeballs and watch the games and read the box scores.

I don’t understand a few things. 1, how does DeAngelo say that the fact the Patriots have owned the Steelers isn’t relevant at all?. Brady is 7-2 against the Steelers. New England beat Pittsburgh 36-17 last year in the AFC title game. Is every year different? Of course it is but it’s dumb to think numbers don’t matter towards anything. The Steelers are white hot right now with putting 37 points on a good Ravens defense while the Patriots just got housed by Miami. That said Belichick coached teams are 38-11 following a loss. That’s not that bad and that’s why they’re a 3 point favorite at Pittsburgh. New England doesn’t lose often let alone twice in a row. It could happen. No one is saying it can’t happen. If Pittsburgh wins the game, who would be surprised? The answer is nobody would. But if New England won even less people would be surprised. That’s what Vegas is saying and they have track record of knowing who’s going to win because they’re friggin Vegas for a reason.

The 2nd thing I don’t understand about this whole rant is that he thinks analysts already has certain players like Gronk and JJ Watt in the hall of fame regardless of what they do the rest of their careers but then says he would put each of them in the hall of fame. I suppose he’s saying that he doesn’t like how we speculate if guys are going to the hall of fame while they’re still playing because they still have time to be bad. I guess that’s what he’s saying but I don’t speak out both sides of my mouth like Williams does. He references Terrell Owens not being in, which he is exactly right about. TO should be in and who knows if Gronk and Watt will be 1st ballot guys or not. Besides Gronk’s recent suspension neither guy has been a problem on or off the field where TO was. Sadly, voters take that into account but that’s a different matter all together. Not sure if DeAngelo is subtly trying to say that he should be in the hall of fame or not. I really enjoyed DeAngelo as a player especially his last few years in Pittsburgh(hmmmmm wonder why he thinks they’re definitely going to win), but he’s no where near a hall of famer. Last year he played like a younger man with nothing held back. I’m actually surprised that he wasn’t signed by someone this year but if I’m to take him at his word, he already has been contacted by teams this year but it wasn’t the right situation for him because DeAngelo only wants to play on good teams and get paid the way he feels he should get paid. Not picky and unrealistic at all.

I just wish DeAngelo would do what he was destined to do and that’s being a pro-wrestler. The guy really killed it that time he went out there and laced up his boots. That’s how I want to remember him. Not as the guy that apparently can only have conversations about sports with other professional athletes.



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