Don’t You Hate When Your Mom Yells At You For Being Rude To The Media And You’re 24

Marcus Mariota said after Sunday’s loss that he was “pissed.” He was short and not so sweet in his postgame press conference.On Wednesday, after a lecture from his mother, the Titans quarterback apologized for being “rude and inappropriate.”“Real quick, I want to say I am sorry for the way I handled the press conference,” Mariota said, via Paul Kuharsky of “I know not everybody that was there is here. But I was rude and inappropriate, and I just want to say I apologize for it.“It’s funny, because I got an earful from my mom. That’s how I was raised; I appreciate you guys.”Mariota sprained his left knee in the first half against the Cardinals. He completed 16 of 31 passes for 159 yards with two interceptions.Mariota was a full participant in Wednesday’s practice and deemed himself “good.”

I suppose it’s a good thing that Marcus Mariota had the self-awareness to realize that he was sort of a jerk at the media the other day. I mean in the realm of media outbursts, this doesn’t even register compared to what we’ve seen from frustrated athletes. Doesn’t even make the top 5,000 soundbites, but still alright with not liking that you said something that didn’t sit with you and apologizing for it.  And kudos to Marcus for saying that it was his mother that chewed him out for using that type of language. Always warms my heart that parents still parent well into someone’s 20s.

But, has there anyone ever tried being Russell Wilson more than Marcus Mariota? This is something right out of the Russell Wilson playbook. The moment you show a human side and let people know that you get upset and curse when you don’t like things like everyone else you immediately back that up with apologizing for it letting everyone know that’s not you. Just own it and like a real human being. That’s all fans want. Russell Wilson gives an interview and it’s like a robot talking. He just keeps thanking everyone else in the world over and over again and saying that if we work together all will be fine, which doesn’t answer anything. Case in point from 2016 after a terrible game

“No, I’ve never been the type to really get frustrated because I know there’s hopefully going to be another opportunity,” he said on Tuesday. “You just learn from the learning experiences. You continue to have the resolve to overcome situations. I keep it pretty simple: what went well and what can you get better at? I think those two questions are kind of the fundamental questions I always ask, win or lose. I think that keeps things really clear and just keeps the truth there, keeps your perspective.”

Just a buffet of cliches and that’s one way to not say anything that stands out but you could just be yourself and not get the media up and arms as well. We’ve seen the squeaky clean athlete try and act like a super hero for the kids and we’ve been let down time after time. It’s just an act that I can’t get behind. I’d rather Kobe, Gronk and Garnett just be annoyed when they’re annoyed. Just be genuine


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