I Fully Respect This Woman Who Got The Cops Called On Her When She Flipped Out Due To Not Having Enough Sriracha Sauce

KSAT SEATTLE – A woman in Seattle got into a heated dispute at a Seattle pizza shop about a skimpy side of Sriracha sauce.The woman called 911 and complained that employees were yelling at her and calling her names.Police arrived and staff at the pizza parlor asked officers to remove the woman for creating a “disturbance inside when she did not receive what she believed to be an adequate amount of Sriracha sauce.” The woman reportedly kept bringing up the Sriracha sauce issue while officers were investigating the incident. There was also a tussle between the woman, a man she was with and another younger man who appeared on the scene, though it’s unclear how. “A 36-year-old woman at the scene told officers she and a 45-year-old man had been at the pizza restaurant and had left following a dispute with staff. She said that when she and her friend left the restaurant, they were accosted by the 29-year-old man, who threw a garbage can, striking the 45-year-old in the leg. It’s unclear how the 29-year-old man came to enter the strange scene,” Seattle.gov reported.Officers arrested the younger gentleman, who was later released.The woman, who “attempted to divert [the] investigation from the assault to her irritation with the pizza parlor and her treatment” by an employee “with the tattoos on the face,” was not arrested.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been at a fast food restaurant and asked for sauce only to find that they gave you the wrong one or didn’t give you enough. And if you went through the drive through, and ordered sauce only to get home to see they didn’t even put it in the bag, you know that you’re not responsible for what you do afterwards. So, this woman that went nuts in this restaurant for not having enough sriracha sauce is completely within her rights. Granted, I’m sure she could of just politely asked for more sauce, but remember she’s not responsible for her actions when it comes to lack of sauce. The cops showed up and didn’t arrest her so obviously they feel the same way. Can’t be arresting folks who freak out and berate restaurant employees and get into fights with random people outside of restaurants for not getting enough sauce. The justice dept. doesn’t have enough man-power to step in and deescalate all those situations. In fact, this very second someone is losing their mind right now in a McDonalds for not getting their hot mustard that they ordered. Completely reasonable thing to do.

The fact that this was about sriracha sauce makes it even more understandable. I’m on the record of saying that sriracha is the condiment of the future. Not like how Dippin Dots is the ice cream of the future. That dream is dead. This is for real. Sriracha hit the scene years ago and you can’t go anywhere without seeing dozens of items that has been infused with the spicy sauce. It has to be the original Tuong Ot Sriracha sriracha sauce. None of those knockoffs out there hold a candle to David Trans impeccable creation. Like Seinfeld thought salsa would be on the table of every restaurant in the future, I believe sriracha sauce will be on every table and in every household as a law of the land. It goes with every meal you can have. There’s always room for sriracha sauce somewhere. It’s the steroids of condiments. Can’t wait to be part of the sriracha movement that takes over the world. Gonna be a lovely time to be alive.



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