I’m Scared To Death Of This Crab That’s Willing To Cut Off His Own Arm Off

I am beyond terrified of this crab that takes as much pleasure cutting off his own arm like I take pleasure in biting into a great steak. I just can’t handle an animal that is so proud of cutting their arm off and just going on about it’s business like it didn’t just cut their arm off. How do you defend against that? It’s like when Tommy Lee Jones in No Country For Old Men couldn’t understand the world he now lived in with people like Anton Chigurh running around killing people with a cattle gun. He even says how do you defend against that? I don’t how you defend against that just like I don’t know how you defend against a creature that will still come at you with a smile on their face after they just dismembered themselves. Look at that face on that crab. It’s like he’s never been in a better mood in his life. You could lineup the best looking crabs for it go on a walk on the beach with and that would pale in comparison to the idea of cutting off his own arm. We better make sure we play nice with the crabs from here on out. I know folks love crab legs(not worth the fight to me) and crab cakes(delicious) but that was before we knew exactly what crabs were willing to do secure victory. Humans are tough but we’re not cut off our own arms and still look for fights tough. We can come up with the biggest pot in the world to boil the crabs but as long as they’re willing to slice and dice themselves, we will always be evolutionary behind. We have nothing, nothing to threaten them with, nothing to do with all our strength and lets just hope they don’t figure that out.



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