JaDeveon Clowney Calls Blake Bortles Trash After His Team Loses 45-7 To Jaguars

I love when this kind of stuff happens. Absolutely adore the crap out of it. Like when Drew Brees and Richie Incognito went after the league about how unfair Thursday night games are immediately after their teams lose on Thursday night football. Interesting, that only happens when a team loses on Thursday. Never when they win or before the game starts. I know, weird. But nothing gets me in a better mood than hearing an athlete talk serious smack at someone after they lose(now that’s weird). So thank JaDeveon Clowney for giving me that good-time feeling.

I don’t think I’m breaking any ground here by saying that Blake Bortles is not a top 10 QB. Don’t think that’s a hot take. But, to come out and say that the guy who just had a major part in beating you 45-7 probably isn’t the most genius thing you can do. Probably wait until your team is good again like possibly next year when you play the Jaguars again and say it after a win because you sound like a guy who’s really butthurt about losing to a guy who in your head is the equivalent of a crumpled up Taco Bell bag .

Bortles went 21-27 for 326 and 3 TDs and no INTs. He did this with a receiving core made up of rookies and guys you never heard of. He also did that without stud back Leonard Fournette. On the season, Bortles has a 19/8 TD/INT ratio while Clowney is having his best season of his career with 9 sacks and 36 tackles. Both good seasons but they’re not off the charts fantastic. Those numbers put Clowney tied for 18th in the league in sacks. Bortles numbers put him around the middle of the league in all categories. That’s really not to bad. It’s not crazy fantasy numbers like that of the top passers but you can win a lot of games in this league with that as long as you have the other pieces. Bortles has that in Fournette and probably the best replacement for the Legion of Boom in his defense. Bortles is also only one year removed from having a monster season where he had a 35/18 TD/INT season So, the guy has some game at least. Enough to play with that defense and running game. We all know the Texans and my fantasy team died as soon as DeShaun Watson went down with his injury so JaDeveon has no reason to hate on Bortles Service unless Clowney can’t handle the fact that his numbers suggest that he is the Blake Bortles of pass rushers. Just another case of a guy not accepting who he is. It’s okay JaDeveon, really you’re fine.

Could Bortles get exposed in the playoffs? Certainly. In fact there’s a good chance that happens. But right now, the guy is playing well even if the ball looks like a punt when it comes out of his hands.


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