JaDeveon Clowney Turns A Dumb Situation Into A Great Situation

I must say I am very pleased to see that JaDeveon Clowney took a really stupid situation, that he started, and turned it into a real positive one. This all started on Sunday after the Clowney’s Texans got abused by the Jaguars at the tune of 45-7. For whatever reason, Clowney said after the game that Blake Bortles was trash after Bortles threw for 300 yards and 3 TDs with no INTS in the win. I wrote a very insightful blog about it and I’m still puzzled why he thought that this was the right thing to say. Maybe he was still a bit steamed that his team got stomped on, who knows. Naturally, the Jaguars faithful decided it be a swell idea to take their own hard earned money and troll Clowney by mailing trash cans to him.

I guess this was a clever thing to do but I’ll never understand anyone taking the effort to actually go and do something like this. I mean Clowney is a professional athlete with millions of dollars, which means he can pretty much do whatever he wants. I sincerely doubt he cares if people stick it to him like this.

Fortunately, Clowney did a complete 180 on the situation and got an A in Spin 101

Just an excellent ending to this mildly entertaining story. Clowney goes out and does a fabulous thing by stuffing the trash cans with toys for kids. Everybody wins. That’s what the holidays are all about. I’ll make sure I raise my teacup of Nog tonight in respect for what Clowney did. Hope y’all do as well


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