A Kind Soul Gives Gifts To Inmates Just Kidding He Threw Tobacco Pot And Cellphones Over The Fence

NYDailyNews MANSFIELD, Ohio — A man bearing gifts visited an Ohio prison on Christmas Eve, but it wasn’t Santa Claus. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that someone approached the Richland Correctional Institution around 9 a.m. Sunday and tried to throw four packages containing tobacco, cellphones and marijuana over the fence. WEWS-TV in Cleveland reports troopers caught up with the man a short time later. They arrested 21-year-old Avery Ingram, whose home city was not identified. Ingram faces charges of illegal conveyance of drugs onto the grounds of an institution, illegal conveyance of electronics onto the grounds of an institution and criminal trespassing.

I know that items get into jail all the time through dubious ways but I have to believe that it’s a little bit more elaborate than simply throwing them over the fence where your cohorts on the inside are expecting a delivery of finest tobacco, pot and cellphones. Some sort of sticking the items in a cake or just bringing them in during visitation like Karen Hill did with all that pepperoni and bread. Something more than “hey I’m going to throw a bunch of stuff over the fence of a building with a million cameras. Then when you’re outside near the fence you pick up the items and go to your cell and use them. Sound good? Great.” Maybe they all thought that because it was Christmas Eve that guards would be a bit more lenient on everything. Is that how jail works where the guards just say “guys because it’s the holidays you can just walk around the prison and do whatever you’d like but you need to be in bed by 11” like it’s a once a year thing. I’m rather sure that is not at all how it’s like in prison. I’d love to of seen the faces on the guards who were watching the cameras when this was all happening. No doubt it looked just like this

PS- You’d  be surprised how many pictures of Santa getting arrested there are. Like a ton of them



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