Purdue Runs Super Cool Fake Kneel Down Play Like They Practicied It Or Something

If you’re like me and you consider yourself a student of the game with the curiosity and boldness to wonder out loud how come teams don’t take advantage of teams just standing around, looking to go into halftime by running a trick play out of the QB kneel without ever playing a single down of organized football besides the blood games of flag football at Riverfront, then you can restore your faith in humanity because the Boilermakers of Purdue just broke the mold with this gem.

It’s this type of ingenuity that leads to the invention of I-Phones and all day breakfast at McDonalds getting created. This led to 3 more points for Purdue, a valuable 3 points because Purdue won this bowl game 38-35 that had a wild finish.

We’ve seen fake spike plays a bunch of times starting when Danny Marino beat the JetsĀ  many moons ago but I’ve never seen a fake kneel down even though to me it seemed like an easy thing to pull off as long as you only do it like once a year. Think about it. There’s only about 45 seconds left in the half, you’re backed up near your deep in your territory and you’re looking like you’re ready to just go into the half and then Boom Tough Actin Tinactin you get the ball quickly to the outside in the hands of a real fast guy and then WALLAH! You get a big gain. So simple, so easy. Yep, get ready to see every team in the nation and in the pros starting adding practice time to come up with their own versions of how to run the fake kneel down and also have to use u valuable practice time coming up with ways to defend it. Gonna be the Wildcat all over again. Only way this can go in a copycat sport. Only possible way


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