You’ll Either Love Or Hate This Kid Who Switched Team Shirts To Get A Picture With Bryce Love

There’s a ton of things you can do in this world that people won’t get to upset or even careΒ  about but if you ever wanted a sure fire way to get regular folks to get wildly enraged then show disloyalty to the team that you’ve always rooted for. You can turn your back on your family or country and people will go about their business but even for 1 second you appear like a bandwagon fan and you’re dead and will get buried in the ground. That’s what this kid is getting today for what he did after Stanford lost to TCU

As you could imagine the internet wasn’t to pleased with this young man’s decision to Benedict Arnold the Horned Frogs

Then on the other side of the issue you had folks saying he’s an innovator

I’m fairly confident that I would never pull off a move like this. A lot of that has to do with putting in the effort of acquiring the shirt of the other team my team was playing. The other is that I do feel very strongly about picking a team when you’re young and riding and dying with them for all of eternity. As a kid, there was nothing more infuriating than seeing a kid that always liked the Bills and then out of no where start liking the Panthers after that one good year they had in 1997 as if no one will notice. Well I always notice that stuff and I will always out that person like I’m outing treason to my government. You could see that Bryce Love has no idea what to think about what’s happening other than should he go and report this kid to the authorities. I can see how people want this kid eliminated due to such a turncoat maneuver like this but I can also see the kid’s reasoning for doing it; it’s Bryce Love. Maybe this picture leads this kid impressing some lass or maybe it leads him to going swimmin with the fishes. It could go everyway and anyway. I will say that it’s nice to see a young fella like this kid showing some ingenuity and coming up with a plan and implementing it. Kid obviously follows the 5 Ps. Gives me hope that not all the youth are idiots. I hope that Bryce Love and this kid are linked together through life like Elway and Marino.


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