Russell Westbrook’s Sales/Non-sales Pitch To Paul George To Stay In OKC Is A Lie

Paul George who is essentially on a trial run with the Thunder has a lot to think about this offseason in regards to where he’ll be playing ball next year. He could stay in OKC or he go and test out free agency, which is to say that he’s going to see how much crazy money the Lakers are willing to give him to go to LA. But don’t for one second think that Russell Westbrook is trying to convince to him to stay in Oklahoma City other than this one sentence that he told him

That’s it. That’s all he apparently has told George in regards to if he should resign with the Thunder. When we win the championship, and that’s it. Don’t have to say anything else. That’s all that has to be said. Excuse me if I don’t believe a word of that. Assuming that Westbrook is staying in Oklahoma and I am assuming that since he had his contract extended with OKC for 5 years worth a modest $205 million, he is doing a lot more to try and convince George to sign a long term deal with the Thunder than saying when we win the NBA title then you will automatically resign. This guy is telling him just how awesome the Midwest is and how there’s no livin like Oklahoma livin and probably a bunch of other wild things to try and show him that staying is the best thing for him. Not super amazing Los Angeles where the weather is always perfect and everyone is constantly in a good mood because they are in LA. Wouldn’t doubt there’s a few times where Russ threw on the movie San Andreas and was like “yeah, California, at anytime it could be falling into the Pacific Ocean. You know scientist say California is due for a big earthquake?” So get outta here with this idea that Westbrook isn’t George’s butler at his house pleading with him to stay in OKC.

PS- Being 5th in the West and bringing in the black hole that is Carmello Anthony while also knowing that besides a miracle occurring which would allow you to beat the Warriors in a 7 game series doesn’t help your non-sales pitch. Thought you should know

PPS- I’m a big fan of Russell Westbrook. Love how he tries to break the basket every time he dunks and very much enjoy how he plays the game. So fun to watch


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