Airplane Gets Diverted For A Typical Reason Just Kidding A Guy Smeared Poop All Over The Place

Daily Mail A United Airlines flight was diverted to Anchorage on Thursday night after a passenger smeared the inside of the cabin with his own feces.United Airlines flight 895 from Chicago to Hong Kong was not even halfway through its flight when it was forced to land due to a ‘passenger smearing feces everywhere’, according to Ted Stevens International Airport Police. Cops say the man wiped the excrement in along the walls in a couple of bathrooms before he then took off his shirt and attempted to stuff it into a toilet.The captain decided that the issue was enough to force a diversion and headed towards the Alaskan city.The passenger was met by FBI agents and airport police as he was removed from the plane. He was then taken to a hospital for a psych evaluation and no charges have been filed according to KTVA.The Boeing 777 ended up having to be grounded overnight whilst the aircraft was disinfected and cleaned up. United Airlines has not yet commented on the incident. 

To be a fly on the walls of that plane would of been really something. You’re sitting there thinking everything is hunky dory and then the captain of the plane has to yell over the loudspeaker and say that your flight has to be diverted to Alaska because someone took it upon themselves to be selfish and smear poop all over the place in multiple bathrooms and then stuff his shirt into the toilet. I’d love to hear some of those phone calls of the folks explaining to their families whey they’re going to be late. Hey honey, gonna be a bit late. Some dude just threw his own crap all over the place and the entire plane needs to be cleaned.”

I wonder if this guy had this planned the entire time. Like did he go on this plane knowing full well he was going to be smearing poo all over the plane or did he have a Me Myself and Irene type psychotic break? I’m leaning towards the latter here. If that’s the case, I wonder what made him snap. Why did he end this all with stuffing his shirt down the toilet? Is this particular aircraft forever going to be known to everyone involved as the Poop Plane? So many unanswered questions that I just hope when this guy gets done with the white coats that he tells his story of why January 4th 2018 was the day that he decided smearing his own poop was the way to go.

Either way, here’s the flaming bag of poop scene from Billy Madison that’s always hilarious



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