Jon Gruden Is Getting A 10 Year $100 Million And That’s Wild

I wrote a few weeks ago how I was so over all the talk about Gruden coming out of the booth to take the Bucs job, something that I’ve been hearing since Gruden left coaching 10 years ago. I said that every single year he’s line for every football job on the planet regardless of age and that he would probably just return to MNF like he always does. I did however cover my tracks that this would be true unless he does actually take a coaching job. Well today my hand is up and I’m saying I was wrong. Credit to me for admitting my mistake. Not many have the awareness to do such a thing so I feel pretty good. About an hour ago it essentially became a reality that Gruden was in fact coming back.

And just like that everybody’s favorite guy who at times resembles a murderous doll is back in the NFL. Good for Jon, good for the Raiders. They got there guy but they gave him an absolute ridiculous contract. 10 years for $100million dollars is literally insanity. I can’t wait after 4 years or less Gruden decides that that it’s just not working out and leaves the Vegas Raiders and lets them pay him the rest of his $100 million dollar contract. I’d love to know when these types of outrageous contracts work out? You see it all the time in baseball when guys get $200 million dollar contracts and the rest of the team is strapped to pay anyone else. The team flounders and tries to hit big with some young guy to try and make something out of their team. In college, you see coaches get major deals but college coaches go and recruit 18 year olds to come their program. Gruden isn’t going to go recruiting in the NFL because that’s just not how it works. I understand that Gruden is a celebrity which makes him a name and I also realize that he has won a Super Bowl, albeit with Tony Dungy’s team. He’s won in this league but it’s not like he was dominant or anything like that. Why doesn’t Brian Billick or Jim Fassell get looks for jobs? I think Gruden is good but is he $100 million good, much more than Belichick? Not a chance.

I really can’t wait for the media to start turning on Derek Carr and the rest of the defense and blame the GM for why the Raiders only have 1 playoff appearance in 3-4 years. This is really where I think this will be going. Gruden out with in 4 years. That or he wins multiple titles and I raise my hand in the air taking full responsibility for my words like a real man.



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