You Might As Well Hand The Lombardi Trophy To The Patriots Now Thanks To The Espn Article

If you ever were going to bet on anything on your life even if you’ve never bet on anything in your life before, now is the time to gather every single cent you have and bet on the Patriots winning the Super Bowl this year. You can confidentially do that because Espn just gift wrapped the Lombardi trophy to them in an article that was highly anticipated that came out this morning which delves into the future demise of one of greatest dynasties in sports/business. Go head and give the article a read here.

Couple things to get out of the way first. I am a Miami Dolphins fan and have been for the last 25 years of my life. I despise the Patriots not because I have some kind of blind hatred for what they stand for but because they’re exactly what I want Miami to be. I want my team to dominate and be the front runner for the championship every single year. Who wouldn’t want that? Since the Patriots are in Miami’s division, it means that they have owned me even more than others for the last 18 years of my existence. Jealousy is a stinky cologne and when it comes to the Patriots, I reek of it. Secondly, I’m a logic man and I’m not one of the dolts who say that “deflategate” was a real thing and that Brady and the Pats are cheaters. I have a brain which allows me to know how footballs work in the cold and I also have the research capabilities to read that Mortensen was a pawn for the NFL and slew of other information that simply isn’t true. The “spygate” thing, yeah, I’ll say that was out of bounds but to think that it actually mattered in them wining that game is stupid just like thinking the air in the footballs mattered to Brady especially when you hear countless NFL QBs say that they have done the exact same thing throughout their careers. Just ask Aaron Rodgers. Lastly, Seth Wickersham is the guy who wrote this article and he’s also the guy who has wrote several anti-Patriot articles that never really held any amount of water, so consider the source. My point with stating all this is that I have no good reason to defend New England other than being rational about the whole situation.

The article, which we’ve been hearing about for days, delves into a franchise that doesn’t let any information out unless they want it too. It’s kind of cool to see behind the curtain of the best teams in sports for the last 18 years but there’s really nothing wild in the entire article that you can’t already assume is happening if you listen to any kinds of sports media. The article highlights a “rift” between Brady, Belichick and Kraft and how Kraft and Brady are on one side and Belichick is on the other. The article states that Kraft forced Belichick to trade Jimmy G because Brady was his guy for life and Belichick didn’t want to do any of that. That Brady’s trainer Alex Gurrero and cult leader of TB12 infiltrated the Patriots and got the rest of the team to turn on the hooded one making players choose sides between Brady or Belichick. That Brady’s blowup on McDaniels during a game earlier in the year was a result of all of Brady’s frustrations from years of being yelled at by Belichick. That the end is near because Belichick is doing things out of the ordinary like help his assistant coaches get jobs and praising Jimmy G’s early success with San Francisco.

Here’s what I think: I think that most of these claims are less than 25% accurate. I don’t really buy that Kraft forced the hand of Belichick to trade Jimmy G. I just don’t think Kraft or anyone bosses Belichick around even though he is the ultimate boss. I believe their relationship is better than Kraft just going against Bill’s wishes. I do believe that they didn’t want to sign Jimmy G to a big deal knowing they still had Brady, who just won them a Super Bowl and has putting up MVP numbers this year. Bill probably wanted to keep Jimmy but knew that there wasn’t room for both he and Brady. Alex Gurrero is probably a weird-o who was gumming up the works. Bill said it was cool to have him around but when he started getting in the way of the Patriot Way Bill had enough and restricted his access. Did this cause a problem with Brady? Who’s to say. It might of a little but nothing crazy. Brady’s blowup on McDaniels was a run of the mill blowup that Brady and countless others have done before. Meant absolutely nothing and saying that it was built up frustration from how much Bill yells at Brady is straight up ridiculous. Because Belichick is doing things out of the ordinary it means that he’s about to retire. Apparently I’m to believe that Belichick is incapable of doing the slightest things out of his general routine without it meaning that the franchise is about to get blown up.

Ultimately, my biggest takeaway from all this is that none of it matters at all. None of it until someone does something drastic like leave the team, which is the only thing that could happen that would be drastic. All this means is that the Patriots are guaranteed to win the Super Bowl. It’s no secret that New England loves bulletin board material and what better bulletin board material than everyone saying everybody in the organization hates each other. So as a Dolphins fan I fully expect New England to win the Super Bowl and the AFC East for the next 13 years. Thanks Espn.

I think it’s naïve to think that Brady, Belichick and Kraft are good time buddies that go out and get wings together. But I’m also confident that they approach each other with the upmost respect and understand that there is a lot more winning to be done and that’s the difference between the Pats and everyone else. Everyone does their job and they love it that way. That’s the Patriots Way that apparently nobody else can simulate. Wish Miami was even 10% like them.

As a guy who has no “insider” knowledge of the interworkings of the Patriots, who has only observed them like everyone else could have, I can understand if you find what I have to say be useless. All I can say is that I’m looking at this from a non-emotional, logical point of view. Hope you do as well


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