Bet The Chiefs Because You Will Win Money And Money Is Good

If you’re a fan of money then a really good way to get more of it is to put everything you have on the Kansas City Chiefs today in the opening game of Wildcard Weekend. The line is currently is the Chiefs laying 8.5 points to the Tennessee Titans and let me tell you this will easily be a double digit victory for the Chiefs.

Couple of reasons why. First, I realize that the Chiefs hit a massive wall in the middle of the season where they lost 6 of 7 including losses to both teams from New York meaning they lost to the mighty Giants. Not great by any means but they ended the season winning their last 4 games against all the teams in their division including the Chargers that were being shoved down everyone’s throats as a real contender when anyone with a brain knew they were once again fools gold. In the 3 games during that stretch where Alex Smith started, they won by 11,17 and 16 points. Now I’m not saying that the Chiefs are going to be able to go into Foxboro or Pittsburgh and beat those teams or that they haven’t been phony in terms of playoff accomplishments but they certainly can beat those teams if they play like they’ve been playing. Secondly, the Titans are putrid. They really are. After being dubbed the “sexy” team heading into this season the Titans ended the season losing 3 of their final 4 games. Their lone win against a Jaguars team, a nice win in the last game of the season, is why they’re in the playoffs. I realize they only have 1 less win then the Chiefs but if you watched the games you can plainly see that the Titans have major problems scoring. Mariota is most certainly banged up and DeMarco Murray is out for the game. Yes this means that Derrick Henry, who I adore, gets the bulk of the carries but it means he has to stay in for pass protection and gets to showcase his shaky pass catching skills; a couple things why he never supplanted Murray as the overall number 1 RB in Tennessee. Also, if you caught any of the Titans 49ers game you saw Jimmy G absolutely carve up the Titans defense as if they weren’t even there. Oh yeah, this came out earlier today

Lastly, I look at the Chiefs and I see an offense very much in control that is functioning very smooth and crisp like. Alex Smith has his limitations no doubt, but I fully expect Andy Reid designing plays to get the ball to Kelce down the seams in favorable matchups, getting the ball to Karim Hunt out of the backfield to get yards instead of throwing the ball away, something we all know Capt. Checkdown Smith loves to do all day long and they will find different ways to get the ball into Tyreek Hill’s hands. You just know he will have at least one 4o yard play in there. Also, how can I forget, Karim Hunt is the leading rusher this season. Expect him to get tons of carries for around 4.5 yards a clip. It will be a systematic, cerebral offensive assault on Tennessee. As Tennessee fans are trying to TitanUp, they will get so frustrated seeing the Chiefs convert 3rd down after 3rd down. Such a powerless feeling. Expect a possible 20 point victory, or expect the Titans to cover and ruin everything I just wrote. I’m telling you, one of these outcomes will definitely happen.


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