Hockey Fight Central: Guy Gets His Beard Ripped Off

If you’re one of the select faithful that read what 2nd Saturday Sports puts out there then you know that I’m a big hockey guy and by big hockey guy I mean I know nothing about hockey and that this is the first hockey blog I’ve ever written. I got no problem with hockey. I used to watch the Stanley Cup slightly and I’ve been to a Scranton/Wilkes Barre Penguins game right behind the glass and it was awesome. But being from NEPA, there weren’t any hockey rinks to go and play as a kid so basketball, baseball and football is what everyone in this area are about. But I respect what hockey players are all about and all that. Oh yeah, I also enjoy when they get to legally fight each other while attempting to stand on ice skates on top of ice. That’s always fun. Now here we have a fight between two guys and I’m curious to know if people think this is fair or foul

As a man who has sported a beard, albeit never as long as this guy, for the last 8 years, I feel for the lost face locks. I also know the dread of having your beard altered by accident. Well in this case, it was intentional but there aren’t many things more frustrating then when you’re shaving your beard and you accidentally alter a side of it and then you try and even it out and you ultimately have to start from scratch. I have no idea what this guy named Thornton does after getting 40% of his beard ripped out of his face.

Now, is this fair or foul? I say that this is way fair simply because I believe there are no rules in fighting or war for that matter. As a man whose never been in a fight before, I’d like to think if I was in one that I would do everything and anything to win and not die. Stands a good reason that all fights are no disqualification matches. You can go to the eyes, go low on a guy and rip their beard out of their face if that person happens to fight with a long beard. It’s like when Irwin R. Schyster would wrestle after spending all day auditing all you tax cheats and he would still have his tie on because he was a professional. Folks would use his tie against him and it was perfectly legal inside the squared circle. So if you don’t want to get your beard ripped out of your head in a fight, simply don’t get into fights while having a long beard.

If you didn’t think this first ever hockey blog was going to lead naturally right into talk about I.R.S then you need to have your head examined


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