Dustin Johnson Almost Hit A Hole In On On A 433 Yard Par 4

I had no idea this happened yesterday mainly because I was watching the fabulous NFL Wildcard games that were both jam packed with quality play. But I was just watching PTI and this was one of the topics they covered and I felt compelled to blog about it.

Just and absolute absurd shot from Dustin. I don’t care that he was down wind, got a great bounce or whatever reason anyone might say to take away from this wild drive. 433 yards from a guy who’s also the #1 ranked golfer in the world is simply not fair. Especially unfair once you realize that he’s also married to Paulina Gretzky who’s probably in the top 25 somikest smokes in the world. If I get a drive out there 220, which might happen once a summer, I’m pretty JJ stoked about it. But to be able to have a chance to hit hole in ones on par 4s is straight up maddening to think about. Then again, you think about Paulina and you question what you did in a past life to not be blessed with anything remotely like what Dustin has going for him. Sure, he’ll fall down the steps during a major once and a while but guess who gets to treat his wounds? That’s right

Also the other reason I wanted to write this blog was it gave me a great opportunity to add the most predictable 400 yard hole in one clip from a movie about an ex hockey player who became a pro golfer so that he could get enough money to save his grandmother’s house that was built by grandfather’s bare hands.


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