Dude Loses Fantasy Football Earns A Lavar Ball Tattoo

Strike another win for social media. With the increase of social media as being literly the most important thing on Earth, it allows people the desire to try and one up people that they’ve never met. Like high school athletes that commit to colleges in outlandish ways thats sole goal is to be better than the last kid that committed to name any big time school, fantasy loser tattoos are only occurring due to the internet and I’m fine with it. Folks that lost or come in last in their fantasy league used to just lose, get made fun of for being terrible, and you went on with your day. Now with the internet constantly involved and  the show The League, it’s all about doing something whacky and zany that really teaches you a lesson for coming in last in something that is largely based on your players not getting hurt. We’ve seen some terrible, weak punishments out there in world of fantasy football tattoos and yes that annoys me. We’ve even seen tattoos be the punishment for coming in last and honestly that has been played out for the last few years. Way overdone. But sometimes you see someone get punished in a great way that makes everyone feel good. This is where is Tyler Foust comes in. He’s the guy who forever will be a Big Baller. When I first saw this tattoo, I laughed all over the place. Such a goofy picture of Lavar, how can anyone not giggle. He’s such in a good mood in this picture it almost makes you forget that he’s putting serious effort in trying to dissemble the Lakers. I actually hope in some crazy way Lavar Ball sues this guy for libel, slander or improper use of his likeness. I’d do so many things for that to happen and since Big Baller Brand just got hit with a big F in terms of how business is going, I think the Biggest Baller of them all would love to get some money for this. That or make him buy a pair of shoes that he won’t ever get delivered.

So glad that my fantasy leagues don’t do anything in terms of punishment. We’re all about shaming each other to the point of grown men feeling legitimately mad about their life choices. Embarrassment is the ultimate punishment

PS- I know a hot topic in the news is should people be covering LaVar Ball due to everyone believing he’s a lunatic moron, but no one ever said it was frowned upon to cover stories about folks getting LaVar Ball’s face on their leg for life. So we’re good


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