Donovan Mitchell Posterized Dwight Howard On A Rebound

I’ve never seen nor knew it was possibly to get murdered on a rebound but somehow Donovan Mitchell did that to Dwight Howard last night. I don’t want to hear about that he had positioning on him or that it was just a rebound what’s the big deal type of talk. If you don’t think this is impressive and cooler than being cool then you got a major duke in your pants. Pretty sure somewhere today you’ll see Dwight Howard announce his retirement due to getting completely emasculated by the rookie Mitchell. It’s really the only move he can make. Can’t go back to the scene of the crime after you got killed. I would of figured it would of taken a kryptonite weapon of some kind to kill Superman but all it took was an extremely aggressive rebound by a player from the Utah Jazz. Who knew?

I remember being a kid and always making sure when I got a rebound to grab it with one hand and slap it hard with the other hand to make a loud noise even if no one else was even going for it. The louder the clap the better the rebound was. Those were and still are the rules. That is until Mitchell just changed the game and ushered in a totally new way to show dominance when grabbing a board. We now live in a new age. Godspeed

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