The Vikings Just Crushed The Souls Of The Saints

Live look at the Vikings finishing off the Saints

Just when you though the Vikings were done. Just when you thought the Case Keenum show was done for the year because there was 10 seconds left and they were at their own 39 with no timeouts. Just when you thought you the Saints rallied from 17 down to win a game that they were getting outplayed in a miracle happens

I have no idea what Marcus Williams was thinking. Perhaps he didn’t want to get flagged for unnecessary roughness because that happens all the time. That’s the only thing I can think of what he was thinking. But man, you just can’t do what he did. I know it’s easy for me to say go make a play while I sit in the couch, but go make a play. Don’t go out there and be worried about a looming penalty that didn’t happen yet. I feel for this rookie. Hopefully this doesn’t haunt him for the rest of his life.

I haven’t jumped out of my seat over a game that wasn’t Miami Dolphin related in a real long time but that Diggs catch sent me through my roof. Forever, Diggs will be a legend for that play and that’s awesome. Keenum just earned himself a ton of money and that’s awesome as well. Everybody wins here. Everybody except the Saints. They lost and go home. A good year they had but that’s what happens when you fall behind 17-0. You get acts of God going against you. Oh, people who bet the Vikings lose. The line was 5.5 and the Vikings elected to just knee it and not kick the extra point. Can’t wait to see all the videos of Vikings fans freaking out and hugging everyone while watching videos of Saints fans smashing their walls and TVs. Gonna be sweet.

PS- I’m so jazzed for Keenum vs. Foles all while Bortles goes after Brady. Who said you need an elite QB to win in this league? The answer is everyone.

PPS- I wish Miami had an elite QB


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