Braun Strowman A Known Human Just Flipped Over A Semi Truck

Bruan Strowman a known human of the planet Earth, just got fired from WWE, which has a very lengthy track record of following through on their firings just flipped over a semi truck even though GM Kurt Angle told him not to flip over the semi truck. Maybe he did it to honor the world’s strongest man Mark Henry who just retired this weekend or maybe he’s worried that now he has to update his resume due to just getting canned on live TV. Hard to say. I will say that if Strowman has the ability to turn over big rigs, why doesn’t he just throw his opponents to Saturn during every match? Seems like a sure fire way to win every match by count out due to how far the 6th planet from the Sun is but really who am I to tell Braun Strowman how to wrestle? I’ll tell you who I am. I’m a guy who’s as employeed as the monster among men by the world wide leader in sports entertainment. That’s who I am. Now here’s a relatable and hilarious clip from one of the later Police Academies of a huge guy flipping over a car


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