I’m Officially A Stick My Windshield Wipers In The Air Before A Snowstorm Man

It’s taken me 13 years to realize that I in fact do not like it when my windshield wipers get frozen to my windshield. This realization took place on Saturday when the Scranton area was hit with about an inch of pure ice and my wipers were unable to move. It was a very defeated feeling, just staring at my wipers hoping they would magically just become unfrozen with a mere thought of them not being frozen. Of course, that didn’t happen and I had to resort to filling up pitchers of hot water and tossing the water on my windshield. Fortunately, hot water is kryptonite to ice and it melted the ice quickly. But it was right at that moment that I decided that I will never be the victim of having my windshield wipers frozen to my windshield ever again. So, with the pending storm occurring last night I drew a line in the snow and made the life changing action of bending my wipers in the air so that them freezing to the windshield would not be a possibility. Well, I’m happy to report that my wipers are not frozen to anything. In case you’re questioning if I actually went through with this life altering decision, the picture for this blog is my actually car and you can plainly see the wipers are up not frozen to anything.

I really think with this move that I have graduated a bit into making more adult decisions. Like, I think I’m at the age now that I understand the importance of washing your garbage cans and I think I’m confident enough to share my thoughts with strangers on how to fix the economy. This all proves that an ice storm can unlock limitless possibilities.


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