It’s 2018 So Of Course We Have Pills That Can Read Your Farts

IFLscience Scientists at Monash University and RMIT University in Australia have recently developed an ingestible capsule that’s able to measure the different concentrations of gas in your gut. This information can then be wirelessly transmitted via a receiver device to a smartphone, allowing individuals to monitor the effect of their diet in real time.
The 26-millimeter-long capsules, about the size of a multivitamin pill, contains a bunch of electronic sensors that can detect levels of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Levels of these gases, along with nitrogen and methane, in the gut have been shown to be useful in understanding if anything is wrong with your digestive system. They also give a fair indication of the state of the gut’s bacteria biome.

Pretty sure no one can really be shocked by this. I mean we’re on verge of having completely self-driving cars(which will be one of the many ways the robots begin their take over) and have conquered the major hurdle of figuring out how to have fast food places have all-day breakfast so it was just a matter of time until invented a way to learn everything about ourselves by analyzing our farts. It’s was the natural next step. I think this is a pretty good idea. I don’t believe there will be many folks out there who opt for the colonoscopy when you can simply swallow a pill that love nothing more than to be covered in your particular brand of stink. I only hope these pills have the ability to give you not just if you have any issues with your digestive system but also your fart stats. You know, stats like how many FPH(farts per hour), average length of each fart, amount of gas being released in each fart and decibel level of each fart. That would be nice to know simply because it would be one less thing you need to ask the Almighty when you kick the bucket. I have a ton of stats I want to know about myself like how many points have I scored in basketball from just shooting around and how many wings I ate my entire life. So knowing everything about all the farts I had throughout my life will save time and will give more time to revisit some of my best moments throughout my time here on Earth. So I’m a go on the fart monitor. Good job scientists

PS- I’m 31 so I feel a colonoscopy is in my somewhat near future so anything to avoid that would be something I’d be into


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