Baker Mayfield Doesn’t Care Where He Plays Except For How Much He Cares Where He Plays

All I wanted to do was do my set at Wisecrackers with no distractions as I prepared for it. Everything was going fine and then Baker Mayfield from the clouds happens

Set focusing went right out the dang window. The current Heisman trophy winner out of no where just told Kenny Stills that he needs to get to Miami. My initial reaction wasn’t how does this effect Miami going forward in terms of their QB situation. Does Baker proclaiming he wants to go to Miami make Adam Gase and the Dolphin’s weak brass pull the trigger on him if he’s available at 11? Would Gase turn his back on Tannehill who sat out 2017 with a knee injury, the 2nd in 2 years? Does Baker translate to the NFL or is he just a college QB from a system that doesn’t yield  many quality NFL starters? Those weren’t my initial questions. The first question I thought of was; did Baker Mayfield not think this Instagram message would get out? Thankfully Baker came out today and cleared everything up.

Good thing that’s all settled. Good thing Miami fans are relieved that Baker in no way wants to play for Miami. He just wanted to reach out to a former alumni and say something nice. Know how I know Baker might really want to go Miami above other places; because he didn’t send a live message for the entire world to see on Sterling Sheppard’s wall, twitter or Instagram account that said “#GetMeToNYC. If he has no problem where he plays he would be sending one of these personalized messages to every team that has a former Sooner on it.

Clearly, Baker would love to go Miami. Nothing wrong with that. Him in Miami would be interesting and by interesting I mean all anyone would care about is if he would be a Johnny Manziel clone and destroy his career in a city where you very very very easily can accomplish that in an hour. I’d love to say that Mayfield is smarter than that and has learned from the mistakes of Manziel and wouldn’t want to walk in those footsteps. There’s evidence out there that he may not be mature enough to handle being dubbed a franchise QB from when he got tackled by Arkansas police for being loaded and trying to scramble away to his on the field antics this year with the pulling a Michael Jackson on the sideline against Kansas. I gotta believe he’s not dumb enough to go down the Manziel path especially since Manziel’s path was blazed only a few years ago but it’s fair to wonder about him.

Now I don’t think Miami takes a QB in the 1st round. Gase is going to ride out Tannehill until he thinks he can’t get it done. That could happen in 3 years, it could happen in week 7 next year. No one really knows when it comes to Tannehill. I wouldn’t be surprised if Miami takes a QB in the 3rd or even the 2nd. Wouldn’t shock me at all if Gase finds a perceived 2nd tier QB in the draft who he thinks has the ability to run his offense like Cutler did in Chicago. What I can tell you is that Gase will not select Mayfeild with the 11th pick. So like Baker said, relax Miami fans.

PS- Miami won’t pick Mayfield in the draft until that’s exactly what they do. Always cover the corners


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