The 1st Trailer For The Paterno Movie Came Out And Yikes

The great feeling I had yesterday of watching the trailer for Super Troopers 2 was the complete opposite feeling I currently have after watching the trailer for the HBO Paterno movie. I feel like I have to go shower, dry off and take 3 more showers. Such an uneasy feeling especially when they show that quick scene of Sandusky in the elevator with a young boy. That look on his face might be tattooed on my brain for a while. I simply don’t know how the actor who’s playing Sandusky gets himself ready for a role like this. How do you tell yourself to get into the head of a major pedophile and do a good job? I really, honestly hope the guy who plays him isn’t scarred for life after trying to act like one of the worst human beings that has ever lived.

The part where Joe’s son asks him if he knew anything about Jerry where Pacino playing Paterno just has that blank stare is also an unsettling one. Looks like a guy whose brain is simply not equipped to deal with anything like this. Also, looks like a guy who knows his world and life is about to come crashing down. It really brings up all the countless conversations I tried to avoid with family members, friends, co-workers and complete strangers when all of this went down 6-7 years ago. Being a PSU alumni, you can bet I had to unfortunately have this conversation over and over again. I never wanted to have this talk because it’s impossible for most people to not lose their minds with it one way or the other. If you thought JoePA was innocent, you freaked out and said he had no idea Sandusky was such a scumbag and that no one ever told him anything because if they did Paterno the great man would have ran to the police himself. If you’re like me and thought Joe was guilty or at least didn’t do everything he could to stop Sandusky you freaked out and said that there’s no way Paterno didn’t know what was going on because Paterno knew everything that happened within the confines of State College and he also knew he built an empire out in the middle of nowhere in rural PA so keeping that intact was his chief priority. It sucked every which way so I did and currently try not get involved in this conversation. I’d rather keep it much lighter and talk about Tom Brady’s hand.

This movie will certainly have folks talking again about it. That’s unavoidable. The creators of the movie have said that they’re going to leave it up to the audience if the JoePA is guilty or not. But from this trailer you get the feeling that they aren’t painting a very good picture of the late coach. Regardless of how you feel about JoePA, just hope that all the victims of the abuse from Sandusky have had the best lives possible since this all happened. In the end, it’s them that matter not a football coach. There’s just a movie about him.

Here’s the trailer for Super Troopers 2. Laugh at that and go have a great Saturday


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