So Carson Wentz Is The Last Guy On The Planet That Wants The Eagles To Win The Super Bowl Right?

The Eagles defeated the Vikings to advance to the Super Bowl, which is to say that the Eagles absolutely beat the brakes off, blew the doors off, stomped the Vikings into oblivion to advance to the Super Bowl. The Vikings never had were in the game thanks to the Eagles’s defense that figured out how to shut down Case Keenum and also because the gunslinger Nick Foles decided to bring the goods and completely shred the #2 ranked defense up and down the field whenever he felt like.

Foles had his way with the Vikings as if this was a 7 on 7 in July and it just gave me more pause to think about how much Carson Wentz must be hating this. Don’t give me that Wentz is happy for Foles and wants the team to go out there and win the Super Bowl without him. Don’t give me Wentz is secure in the fact that he is the Eagles starter for the future. I’ll never believe players want to get upstaged by perceived inferior talent. Yes Wentz was probably going to be the MVP if he didn’t get hurt. I won’t argue that. What I will argue that Wentz is a human being and since I know he is human there is no way he wants someone else in his position doing something that very few ever get to do. He might be the nicest guy in the world who does gives and does countless hours of charity. You’ll never convince me that if I gave him some truth serum or just got him loaded that he wouldn’t start talking about how Foles can’t carry his pads. That’s just human nature and I don’t begrudge him for that. Like Jalen Hurts from Alabama. The guy took the Tide to the national title game, stunk it up in the first half, got replaced by Tua, then Tua ends up leading Bama to a title victory thus Hurts probably transfers or ends up being the backup next year to Tua. Now, I don’t think Foles supplants Wentz as the Eagles starter next year, though it’s a conversation I guarantee the Eagles brass privately talk about behind closed doors jokingly but with a certain amount of seriousness but I do believe that if Foles wins the Super Bowl that it puts Wentz in a tight spot. A spot where if he doesn’t win a title in two years that folks start looking past all the stats he’ll be putting up and wonder how Foles got it done where he didn’t. I know this is pretty cynical way to look at things but it’s a funny world out there. It’s a world where Nick Foles will be going to as many super bowls as Marino, Brees and Rodgers. Think about that


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