Peyton Manning Is Not Cool Enough To Be On Monday Night Football

Since Jon Gruden finally left to the booth go back and live at the Oakland Raiders facility, people have wondered who was going to replace him on Monday Night Football. Naturally, folks thought a natural fit would be Peyton Manning but I didn’t really think Peyton would want to do anything that was more than a 30 second commercial for literally any product in the world that would play him to stand with their project. That was until today

Not surprised at all that ESPN would reach out to at least see if Peyton would be interested in joining Sean McDonough and call games. I just hope Peyton decides to keep making Nationwide commercials and be a spot for Papa John to crash when it gets loaded. He simply isn’t cool enough to be give his two sense on every play. He’s beyond qualified, no one in their right mind would argue that Peyton doesn’t have enough notches under his belt to dissect the game as long as they aren’t anywhere near any trainers faces. But, he’s not Tony Romo and that is what this is about. Romo hit the announcing scene and took off running by calling out every single play before it happens and by making some terrific sound effects as he watches replays.

And he’s been doing this all year and it’s been excellent. If you think you’re going to get that kind of production out of Manning, you’re just a wrong person. No one thought Romo would be as entertaining and as good as he’s been. I just have many doubts that lightning in the form of fantastic color commentating will strike twice. I realize Manning can be very funny. When he did SNL years ago, it was a fine showing for Manning, but that Manning had the country in the palm of his hand. It was a country that really liked him. Today, Manning is an after thought in most fans eyes. His charisma isn’t what it once ways and I simply don’t but his down home southern charm. The Mannings are known charlatans and I put Peyton at the top of the list. Might not be a popular opinion, but I’m sticking to it. Plus, putting Manning in there would be majorly disrespectful to the greats that have filled that spot like Tony Kornheiser, Namath, Dennis Miller and OJ Simpson. It simply be an injustice and I think if y’all think about it, you’d come to that conclusion as well.



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