Guy Lets “Jesus Take The Wheel” Jesus Flips His Car 5 Times

RawStory Tennessee man told police this week that Jesus personally came to him and told him to let Him drive on his behalf. The result, reports local news station WVLT, is that his car veered off the highway and then flipped over five times. Tennessee Highway Patrol officers say that when they arrived on the scene of the accident, 33-year-old Chad England was “speaking gibberish” and trying to flee the scene while carrying a jar. Police say that England was “obviously” under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash, although the man apparently refused to take a blood test. A search of England’s car revealed, according to WVLT, “six grams of marijuana, 0.6 grams of cocaine, a pipe, rolling papers, a 3/4 empty bottle of Crown Royal, a small empty bottle of Crown Royal, and several cans used for ‘huffing.’” Police arrested him and charged him with, among other things,  DUI first offense, felony possession of schedule II for resale, possession of schedule VI, and possession of paraphernalia. Officials also say that England had no driver’s license in his possession and that his car was not insured.

Well it’s obvious that this man’s come to Jesus moment did not go as planned unless his plan was to recreate the beginning to Mick Foley’s entrance video. No one ever said the Lord was a fair Lord just that he has a plan for everybody and for this guy the Lord’s plan was to flip his car 5 times, have him talk “gibberish” to the cops because he was on marijuana, cocaine, Crown Royal(classy) and cans for huffing(not as classy) and get charged tons of stuff. I hope this guy doesn’t lose faith in Jesus. Can’t give up the faith just because JC decided to hurl your car half a dozen times in the air when you asked for him to not do that. Now is when you need JC the most. So hopefully as this guy sits in jail, the Lord will direct him to a better life. That or when the next time he drives a car he sends him directly off a cliff because you know, that’s what Jesus wanted to happen.

My favorite part is the absolute insult to injury that cops laid down at the end

Officials also say that England had no driver’s license in his possession and that his car was not insured.

Can’t rule out that this guy is not trying to be Dukes from Semi-Pro or that it isn’t Dukes from Semi-Pro


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