Lefty Signs A Glove With Next Time Duck After Drilling Dude With A Drive

Phil Mickelson, heck of a nice guy, knows exactly how to lighten the mood after he rocket s a golf ball at a unsuspecting guy just standing there trying to watch some golf. He lightens the mood by telling the guy to duck next time a barely visible, screaming golf ball come to murder him.

And this is why no matter what Phil ever does whether it’s choking on 18 or insider trading why Phil is one of the top guys people think of in terms of athletes that fans would like to get a beer with even though if me or anyone else ever asked him to get a beer he’d probably laugh and say “with you? No. Others though” because he just seems like a common man. He comes off genuine and that’s all most fans want out of athletes. If you’re a jerk, be a jerk. If you’re a cool dude, sign gloves with something funny on it when you shank a drive and nearly end someone’s life. Do that and the people will love you. Phil has always gotten that thus why I would love to throw some back with him even though he doesn’t want to with me, yet. Here’s hoping one day I get hit with a wayward drive from Lefty


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