This Assist Is Cooler Than Most Dunks

Being a man who loves a good assist due to not having the ability to pull of anything that can be remotely considered athletic, it’s awesome to see a guy in Jaylen Hands, who can jump out of the building if he wanted too, show off that freakish athleticism in the form of distributing the rock in an assist that should be held up in a museum if something like that was possible.  You could tell that Jaylen has been waiting for the perfect moment to unveil this dynamite dime and what better time to do it then when your team is up 20 on Stanford at home on the night they honored the 1968 UCLA national title team with Kareem Abdul Jabar(the basketball one) in attendance while also former UCLA great and current ambassador of the human race Bill Walton was on the call.

You could also tell that UCLA coach Steve Alford was not very pleased with Hand’s decision to electrify the crowd with the between the legs oop. Steve is thinking down the road and envisioning a time where Hands pulls something like that in a much closer game in the NCAA tournament. To that I say, relax Steve. Just relax. Your 18 year old freshmen PG just pulled off a phenomenal play. Yes I understand that this can snowball into him believing he can do that more often which could lead to him doing something unnecessary in a bigger, closer game but the odds of him doing that when it really matters is low. Stuff like that just doesn’t happen. Players even at this level mostly understand that. Let the kid relish in the moment of dropping one the coolest plays of the season. Hope Jaylen can incorporate other dunks into assist form. It be stellar to see a 360 or windmill assist. He really could start a revolution of making the assist cool so that guys like me who only have assists as being a useful part of my game feel appreciated. Jaylen fights for guys like me. Thanks


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