You Can Breath Now: Blake Bortles Will Be The Jaguars QB Next Year

Reports came out yesterday that the ever fearless and now tough as nails Jags leader in chief Blake Bortles has been dealing with a wrist injury to his throwing hand since last off season and the Jags brass elected to not get surgery on it and instead Blake would gut it out with a series of shots similar to what John Rambo did by closing a wound made by a bow and arrow by pouring gun powder in the wound and then lighting the wound on fire. Even with these heroics, some thought Sacksonville would still try and move on from Bortles. But, thanks to messengers like Ian Rapoport we can ̶s̶o̶r̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶  rest easy.

With this injury that Blake has suffered for seemingly forever, that he got surgery on it last week and the fact that Blake did his best work in the biggest games of the the Jags have had in the last 15 years, it’s nice knowing that he will be back looking to lead the jags to the promise land. Get him a healthy Allen Robinson who’s not demanding such outrageous requests like Blake keeping the ball in the playing field and another off-season for the okayish defense to bond as a unit and look for not your father’s Jaguars to be competing for Lombardi’s trophy again. Just imagine how he would have performed if he had 2 good wrists. I’ve always been told that there’s nothing more dangerous than a completely healthy 2 wristed Bortles. Yep, things are for Jacksonville and the man they call Bortles.

Also, if you wanted to look what it looked like watching Blake Bortles perform on the field while he was dealing with that wrist injury, here’s video of that

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