The Chiefs Use The State Of The Union As A Smoke Screen To Trade Alex Smith To The Redskins

Some folks just don’t care to hear what the president has to say about beautiful clean coal and instead are more interested in making deals while the nation is looking the other way. That’s exactly what the Chiefs and the Redskins did in a huge way.

Just a wild trade that will get finalized tomorrow. I think we all had that feeling that even though Smith had his best season with a 26/5 TD/INT ratio and over 4,000 yds passing with 355 rushing that he wasn’t going to be the Chiefs QB next year. Kansas City drafted Pat Mahomes in the first round last year and though the Chiefs have had mild success with Smith, that’s as fun as a word you can describe the Smith era with Kansas City. They were a playoff team but everyone knew they probably were never going to beat new England mainly because they never beat New England or any other team when it counted in the playoffs. This year’s playoff loss to an inferior Titans team up 21-3 to open the 2nd half and still lose albeit mostly not Smith’s fault really sealed Smith’s fate as being on the block. In Washington, Smith will be an excellent veteran to hold the position down until the QB the Redskins draft this year ultimately takes over and probably stinks up the joint because the Redskins will always Redskin.

Obviously, this means that Kirk Cousins is on the move as well. Won’t be where everyone thought he’d be landing in San Francisco due to Jimmy G lighting it up at the end of the year. But, he’ll go somewhere to a team that think they’re a QB away from being real good. Check Buffalo, Arizona, the Jets, Cleveland, J̶a̶c̶k̶s̶o̶n̶v̶i̶l̶l̶e̶, or Denver for possible spots where Kirk can go 10-6. Whatever happens with Kirk, it can’t be said enough DC got rocked tonight.



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