Golden Corral’s Yeast Rolls Might Easily Be The Most UNappetizing Food Of All Time

I saw this commercial late last night and was so confused/grossed out that I couldn’t wait to blog about this evening. Just and absolute absurd choice to call dinner rolls. I really can’t believe that a restaurant that actually wants people to go inside and eat would advertise a food with the word yeast. I realize that yeast is used to make bread products but that doesn’t mean you have to tell people that it’s in there. Who ever in their right mind ever said to anyone ever “ya know, I can really go for something that has a good amount of yeast?” The answer is never. That has never happened and no one ever had a craving for yeast. I also realize that no one north of Kentucky goes to Golden Corral and I’m pretty sure with this ad campaign that that will stay the same. I don’t even think I’d go one there if you payed me unless it was a crazy amount. The place just seems sticky to the touch kind of like Old Country Buffet. We had an Old Country Buffet in Dickson City (near Scranton) and it was such a skeevy place. Just grimy folks and sad food all over the place. I know places like this are supposed to wow folks with a guy who stands there and shaves meat off a bone but nope. Like Dana Carvey impersonating George Bush; “not gonna do it.”

I just can’t fathom how the braintrust of Golden Corral walked out of a meeting of trying to figure out what to call the rolls and landed on yeast rolls. Probably went something like this

Golden Corral Executive- We’re going to put money into the rolls we have but we need a name. Anybody got anything we can call them?

Golden Corral Wannabe Executive- Okay, lets see. Well, they’re dinner rolls. They go with meals. People like to eat bread. There’s yeast in the bread

Golden Corral Executive- Wait! Did you say yeast? Lets go with that. Yeast rolls. People love foods that have words that are the same infections that women get. We’re doing yeast rolls

Golden Corral Wannabe Executive- Ummm, are you sure? We can go with just dinner rolls or butter rolls anything that isn’t the word yeast.

Golden Corral Executive- Naw, yeast rolls it is. Can’t miss

Exactly how that meeting went down followed by a team building trip to Monster Jam.




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