Never A Good Strategy To Knock Yourself Out

If you ever wanted to see someone basically DDT themselves, this is the video for you. I’m not a seasoned fighter. Currently 0-0, and I’m also not that interested in combat sports unless Brock Lesnar or any other WWE superstar decides to enter the cage but I’m confident that a poor strategy to win fights is doing your opponents job for them by knocking yourself out. Can’t imagine what this guy is thinking about after he regained consciousness¬† from giving himself the old one-two. He probably had to train months for this fight, cut tons of weight all that jazz and in one fail swoop gravity decides to do what it always does and pull this guys head thunderously to the mat ensuring that he gets a healthy dose of CTE. Just a brutal way to go out. But, I’d rather knock myself out then be one of those fighters who’s locked in on my opponent, squared off with them and then out of no where you get a kick to the head that sends you into next week. I suppose if you had me pick who I’d rather pick to lose to, I’d choose myself. At least I can call it a freak accident and set up another fight. Better than be known as a guy who didn’t see a guy raise his leg and hit me in the head from a person who was standing in front of me.

Super MMA conspiracy; maybe this guy bet against himself. Like he had a Snatch type situation but he actually went through with the plan unlike the piker. I don’t know, I’m sort of spitballin here. Enjoy the Saturday


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