Confirmed: Space Nerds Celebrate Differently Than Sports’ Fans

With Elon Musk essentially pwning NASA by sending his own rocket to Mars equipped with a car which led to the space community celebrating their little space hearts out, it has been finally confirmed that space nerds celebrate differently than people who celebrated the Eagles Super Bowl in Philadelphia. Let’s look at the tape

Here we have a slew of folks just taking in a nice day, enjoying each others company, have their cameras out and letting out a couple Ric Flair WOOOs as they watch a rocket flies in the air. Smiles everywhere

Here we have s bunch of local Philly fans who were very excited that their team finally won a super bowl who collectively decided that the best course of action to channel their emotions was to flip over a vehicle.

Here we have some sightseers taking in a beautiful day at the beach who are primed to watch some rocket action.

Here we have some individuals who celebrate by testing out their climbing skills by getting to the top of Ritz awning. Unfortunately the awning can’t hold the weight of their fandom and gravity once again gets another W

Here we have an extremely orderly amount of onlookers gazing at 2 of the 3 boosters rise into the air. An incredible achievement for manking

And here we have an homemade rendition of fandom gone wild where the only logical way to celebrate your team winning their first Super Bowl is by getting down on the ground and eating horse turds. Yep, that is the only pure form of how to show everyone that you’re the #1 fan. Who am I to tell him that he isn’t?

Let this blog definitively show once and for all that the way people who are into space advancements celebrate in different ways as compared to folks who celebrate sports championships. Now you can go about your day now knowing that there is a difference. Your welcome


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