Couple Of Dudes Gets A Philly Special Tattoo Because Of Course They Did

What we got here is a couple of good time boys who are just enamored with the play-calling of Doug Pederson and apparently Nick Foles to the point that they just couldn’t live with out having the play design of “Philly Special” inked on their bodies for all of time. Sure you could say that it’s absolutely ridiculous to get a tattoo of a play design on your body that for all intents purposes is a job-killer unless you’re looking for a job that you’re brother-in-law can get you or your buddy put in a good word for you at that factory job you’ve been eyeing up. Or,….Or you could say that you’re such a fan that you think that the only proper course of action to let others know that you very much appreciate what the Eagles did is to get the play that will always cement the Eagles championship put on your body for life. Who’s to say what is the right decision?

I will say, kudos to the tattoo artists that inked these because their attention to detail on the blocking is on point. The way he has the linemen blocking down to the left is on-point. Although, I could of used a little motion signal for Foles headed to the right in the formation but that’s nitpicking.

If I had to pick a bunch of plays to get tattooed on my body, there’s no question where I’d go with it. Won me so many titles


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