Google Says Nick Foles Owns The Pats Continuing A Fun Tradition

Not many things get my juices flowing on a Sunday morning quite like seeing that Google showing some wild claim. Currently, if you type in New England Patriots owner you will be told and see a picture of Eagles QB Nick Foles. I love when this kind of stuff happens mainly because I don’t know how this stuff happens. Like a few months ago, the same kind of thing occurred when Google proclaimed Tom Brady owned the Jets before training camp began. Read all about it here. Is this the work of some Eagles fan that is come kind of computer hacker genius or is the work of Anonymous? I feel like Anonymous has been silent for a bit so I’m inclined to lean towards them. Either way, it’s good fun to see that BDN Foles is still all in the Patriots face a week after taking them to task. I’m sure Pats’ fans were somewhat near getting over what Foles did to them last week. With news of Foles cyberly owning their franchise I can only hope that this news opens up those wounds a few profanities get yelled out and maybe a possible wall gets punched in. Best case scenario.


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