People Are So Stupid If They Think Kerr Let His Players Draw Up Plays Other Than The Circumstances Being Just Right

I know I know that this probably has been talked about all day on sports radio and everywhere else on the internet and usually I don’t like to report on stuff that the masses have already beaten into the ground but I’m making an exception with this because this is beyond stupid. Quick recap; last night the Phoenix Suns, my favorite team by the way, got absolutely demolished for seemingly the 100th game in a row this time by a casual 46 points. No big deal happens all the time except this time Steve Kerr let his players like Andre Iguodola, David West, Draymond Green and Steph Curry run huddles and draw up plays. Naturally, much of the sports world inserted a major dump into their pants and cried that it was highly disrespectful that the Warriors’ coaches stepped aside and let the players figure out the game plan in which to destroy the Suns. Apparently, there’s no problem if Steve Kerr tells Curry and Durant to push the ball and make sure guys are setting up in the corners but if Draymond does it well then, Mr. that’s a line that you just can’t cross.

Some of the Suns’ players said after the game that it was disrespectful to let the players run things against them. Reminds me of all the players that complained after their team lost on Thursday night football this past year. Only after losses was it ever a problem, never before. So probably not a great idea to cry about getting stomped when you’re the ones who let yourself get stomped by the coaching wizardry that is Iggy and Draymond. I also don’t want to hear from Steve Kerr about how this was all an attempt to reach the players that he feels he might be losing. Kerr had these choice words to say

I haven’t been able to reach them the last month,Kerr said. They are tired of my voice. I’m tired of my voice.

I think it’s exactly what I expected,  Just having had the experience as a player in Chicago, the three years in a row [in the NBA Finals] … I’ve talked about it a lot. You lose the freshness of the first year or two. It’s emotionally draining for these guys to play night after night, people coming after them.

It’s just different. It’s different now. You guys can feel it. [From] three years ago to now, it’s different. You have to account for that. We’re trying to guide them; we’re trying to pace them. I think we’re in a good place. I like where our team is. We haven’t played well the last few weeks but we don’t want to be peaking now anyway.

That’s all well and good and it sounds real refreshing to hear and see a coach trying to do new things to engage his players. I can understand the grind that is the NBA regular season especially when you’re as good as the Warriors and the NBA championship is a near lock. But don’t tell me that this was something planned and the terrible Suns were just team you decided to pick to let the players run the show. No universe exists where Kerr lets this happen against the Rockets or whoever they go up against in the finals. Here’s how the idea of giving the reigns to the players went down.

Setting- Walk through at the Warriors’ arena in the morning

Iggy- Hey Steve, if we get up like 25 points tonight, you think me and some of the other guys not playing can grab the board and draw up some plays?

Kerr- No, I don’t think I can let that happen

Iggy- Come on, just one time. If we get up big we’ll run things for a bit? One time come on

Kerr- Alright. If we get up 25 or more in the 2nd half, I will let you call plays and run the huddles but just this one time. Okay? Don’t ask me again

Iggy- Alright alright cool cool. Yo guys we gotta drop these fools extra good and early so that me and Draymond can tell y’all what to do. Gonna be great

Kerr walks away and says to himself 

Kerr- Whatever. What do I care. It’s the Suns. A 6 year old can tell these guys what to do out there

End Scene

I wonder what Luke Walton thinks of this. Guy won like 4o games in a row with the Warriors two years ago and now Draymond and Iggy step in and show that any person with a pulse can be the “coach” and they will at the very least win at least 1 championship. The guy who should and will always feel the worst about situations is and will always be this guy



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