Warren Sapp Gets Served With a Battery Lawsuit In Innovative Way

You’re Warren Sapp and you’re trying to make some money by going to an autograph session. You meet some fans, take some pictures sign a bunch of stuff and you think all is good in your world and then out of no where

What’s not funny is that in 2015 Warren Sapp, allegedly, got drunk and plowed into a whole mess of people and ran over a woman named Paula Trickey who apparently was in a Paul Blart movie. She suffered injuries and has suffered permanent damage from the encounter. Sapp has vehemently denied saying that woman is “lying through her teeth” and that he was somewhere else the date this incident occurred.  I couldn’t tell you what really happened with this situation so I won’t do that. What I can tell you is that a few months after this incident according to a report obtained by TMZ, Sapp was charged with 3 counts of domestic violence against a woman who accused him of biting her finger and stomping on her head. So if you want to go ahead and decree that Sapp is a scumbag, be my guest.

What is funny about this video, is the innovative way this process server(I really thought the person that serves court papers had a better name than this, but nope this is it) went about getting to Sapp to serve him the papers. Dude found out where Sapp would be, acted like a fan who really wanted to meet the hall of famer and casually let the all-pro know that he is being sued in a lawsuit. Just like that, Sapp’s day turned into instant crap.

Here’s a video of an apparent break dancer serving his ex. Pretty cool


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