You Can Get Insoles With Your Ex’s Face On Them If You’re A Weird-O

Hey!! It’s Valentine’s Day and you just broke up with your significant other and you want to show them that you’re so much better off and in a great mood since you left them. Best way to get over that person while also not looking like a crazy person is to shell out money to have custom made insoles of your ex’s face so that you can step on them all day. Definitely the kind of move that promotes the idea that you’re totally happy with not being with that person any more. Nothing says I moved on from you like uploading a picture of your ex’s face to a company that without a doubt made this video using an I-Mac, paying the money to get these insoles made, receiving the insoles and then confidently placing them in your shoes. Confidence and high self-esteem for days.

But you know some morons will absolutely pay money that they earned by working for these believing that the’re really getting back at their ex all while they check their Facebook account to see if they posted any statuses that show a picture of them with someone new with a heading like “New Beginnings.” This is just like the people that get toilet paper of their arch rival team and give the illusion that they dislike this team so much that they wipe their backsides with paper with their logo on them. Just so stupid and reeks of lame city. I get mad because I wish I though of this idea so I can swim in all the cash that idiots will be sending for these insoles. Just another area of creative development that I once again missed.


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