Bless These Guys’ Hearts For Going With A Classic To Try And Get Into A Movie

I love these guys determination to see Black Panther at the rate of only 1 person. I doubly love that they went with a real throwback gag of putting one person on another person’s shoulders, then throw on a huge trench coat. That’s gold Jerry gold. Pure comedy gold. A laugh every time.

They said the manager wasn’t having it. For that I say, I hope that manager was fired on the spot. You can’t have an establishment that shows comedies and then when a couple of old souls come walking in like this turn them away and not honor the situation. If that happens you crack up laughing and give it the respect it deserves and happily give them the 2 for 1 special they desire. Now, if someone comes back and does it the next night, you simply say sorry guys but it was a one time thing. Drop the manager hat of a movie theater for just one second and enjoy something hilarious and good natured.


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